African Farms & Markets (Afma) is an agribusiness services provider to smallholder farmers operating in Kenya; and with registered operations in Rwanda. AFMA works with smallholder farmers through the Commercial Village Model and other farmer formations, to distribute to them farm inputs & post-harvest technologies, buy their fresh produce and aggregate harvested grains. AFMA is steadily standing out as a distinguished player in collective input and output smallholder markets…

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Strategic Direction

AFMA’s strategic direction is to provide a sustainable way in which agricultural solutions can be found for farmers and citizens in Africa that will lead to improvement in their overall livelihoods….


To be the leading agribusiness solution provider that impacts lives, farms, and livelihoods across Africa.


Provide smallholder farmers with innovations in quality inputs & technologies for enhanced trade.


AFMA builds efficiency in value chains to change livelihoods through trade.

Our Core Values

→ Living and practicing the Christian values
→ Commitment to winning livelihoods for the poor
→ Practice excellent stewardship for godly excellence in stewardship
→ Value people and partnership
→ Teamwork
→ Integrity is a central pillar
→ Creativity and Innovation
→ Professionalism

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