African Farms & Markets (AFMA) is an agribusiness services provider to smallholder farmers operating in Kenya; and with registered operations in Rwanda. AFMA works with smallholder farmers through the Commercial Village Model and other farmer formations, to distribute to them farm inputs & post-harvest technologies, buy their fresh produce and aggregate harvested grains.

AFMA is steadily standing out as a distinguished player in collective input and output smallholder markets. AFMA Ltd hopes to change the paradigm of doing business with smallholder farmers in Kenya to remove the common exploitative tendencies of many businesses that work with the rural poor to see to it that it creates significant economic impact that will stabilize livelihoods in the Sub-Saharan Africa. AFMA was incorporated in 2008 but began its operations in 2013 as a spin-off of Farm Concern International; an Agri-market development agency. AFMA has been in full operations for the past three years and currently has its operations in The Greater Nairobi region, Mt Kenya, South Rift, North Rift and the Nyanza region.

AFMA's Social Engagement & Impact

AFMA is a part of Farm Concern International Group and therefore lays an equivocal importance to the impactful transformation of its clientele. In this regard therefore, AFMA Ltd works as a sustainable mechanism for small holder farmers who have been beneficiaries of Governments’ or development organizations’ programmatic interventions. AFMA Ltd takes up smallholder farmer organizations, referred to as Commercial Villages, spearheaded by FCI and makes them long term business partners to supply its established markets with farm produce. This offers a sustainable continuity of relationships with small holders through a business partnership. Additionally, AFMA Limited builds the capacity of smallholders in supply chain logistics so as to be efficient partners not just to AFMA but also other private sector partners, they may be engaged in.

AFMA also hopes to extend a mobile phone enabled service to farmers to receive market information on pricing and demand as well as agronomical services virtually through its interactive mobile phone platform the AFMA-x.