01. AFMA Fresh Trade

This line of business involves the purchase from small holder farmers organized in collective groups; of fresh vegetables for onward sale to urban markets (Supermarkets, Retail Markets and Traditional Informal Markets). The vegetables involved in this trade include the Traditional African Vegetables such as spider plant, cowpeas, African night shade, Ethiopian kales and Amaranth. Afma also trades in other exotic vegetables such as spinach, kales/collards, cabbages, coriander, parsley, cauliflower, broccoli and lettuce. Fruits such as tree tomatoes, mangoes, oranges and avocadoes as well as root crops such as arrow roots, sweet potatoes and onions are also traded. AFMA also hopes to debut in export horticulture all grown by the small holder farmers.

02. AFMA Commodity Trade

AFMA’s market interaction makes it able to understand the demand and supply of various commodities produced by small holder farmers. Therefore, this line of business enables the bulking of grains from small holder farmers in order to get best value for money through storage and timing of release to market. AFMA is spearheading an innovative warehousing initiative that uses invoice discounting for community members to access financial services using stored grain. In this regard, AFMA bulks grain in community stores/warehouses and then pays a % of prevailing value to the farmers and waits for offloading to the market at the most optimal price. The mark up realized is shared between the small holder farmers and AFMA Ltd.

03. AFMA Post harvest Business

Significant losses occur amongst smallholder farmers due to poor post-harvest management. AFMA Ltd in partnership with suppliers of post-harvest solutions is spearheading the business of disseminating the rightful technology to address the above challenge. AFMA Limited has been involved in the dissemination of the Hermetic Storage Technology for the past two years. AFMA Limited has partnered with Grain Pro Inc. to distribute Hermetic Storage Bags that enhance the shelf life of grains and save from spoilage occasioned by pests, without using chemicals. AFMA is the sole distributor of the hermetic solutions in Kenya produced by the US Company, Grain Pro Inc. AFMA is also involved with other post-harvest solutions that enhance the competitiveness of smallholder farmers, such as distributorship of moisture-meters, sun drying solutions etc.

04. AFMA Input & Crop Protection Business

AFMA Limited bulks demand for quality seeds of commonly grown crops such as maize, pulses and vegetables. Additionally, AFMA Ltd works with supply companies for other inputs such as fertilizers and crop protection chemicals to avail them to its clientele. Because AFMA Ltd is able to take advantage of bulking, it is then in a position to obtain bulk discounts which it can leverage on in selling quality seeds and other inputs to small holder farmers.

05. AFMA AgriMechanization

This is a business unit that is in partnership with Ikonic limited solutions, which is a leading agri mechanization firm. It involves sale of motorized weeder/tiller and motorized sprayer pumps. These machines reduce both labor and cost incurred in weeding. The weeder/tiller machine uses about four litres of fuel in weeding an acre of land. A litre of fuel goes for about 110/- which makes four litres about 440/-.The cost of paying a casual labour is about 230/- per acre and to complete an acre it might take about four people hence making it 920/- This makes it easy and less costly to use a weeder/tiller machine than to employ casual laborers.

06. aCOM agency

aCom Agency is a leading integrated communications agency, capable of reaching any audience, with any message, through any channel. We offer the most comprehensive communication solutions delivered through our specialized complementary units; a film production house, a state of the art print house (AFMA Print House) and a communications and PR unit. Our mission is to provide a reliable package of integrated communication solutions for dominant and emerging brands in Africa.

We are a leading production house experienced in creating and producing film projects and written pieces that are memorable and communicative. Our film production portfolio of services ranges from conceptualization, production and creation of documentaries, promotional videos, stepwise educational content and still photography shoots. aCom Agency has a versatile team of field savvy, and flexible professionals who have the capacity to deliver quality coverage, and stories in a timely manner.

aCom Agency has extensive experience in communication consultancies including impact & event documentation through cinematography, photography and rapportuering. We have produced over 200 videos for different clients since 2011 including Farm Concern International (FCI), African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Tearfund UK, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation among many others. aCom Agency has the expertise in a wide range of language translations for recorded audio and video content to communicate to diverse regional and international dialects.

Video Editing

We have a fully-fledged linear and non-linear editing suite as well as mobile edit suites (Mac laptops) all installed with professional software including Final Cut pro 7 and X, Adobe premiere, Adobe after effects, Photoshop, InDesign among others. Our studio has the capacity to handle any kind of assignment with our two full time editors and graphic designer to ensure the post-production process is handled professionally and to international standards. All these softwares are the latest in the market and reach the threshold set for modern editing suites.

Cameras, Sound Gear & Lighting

Parts of our high end filming equipment include Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR cameras with an array of interchangeable lenses. These combined with our integrated wireless microphones, field mixers as well as boom microphones ensures seamless filming on multi-camera and high quality sound. For lights, we have 4 lamp LED fluorescent lamps (kino flos) complete with stands.

07. AFMA Print House

AFMA Print House undertakes digital, on-demand orders relating to customized customer requirements for special specialization, material and quality levels that do not require full printing arrangements and all these are done at a significantly subsidized cost. It involves print, embroidery and branding among other lines of business. The business deals with private customers, institutions such as churches, schools & hospitals, and events such as weddings, funerals and parties. The print house handles all nature of print designs from small scale to large-scale businesses. Digital printing is quite cost effective on short print run and can be done on many substrates up to A5, A4, and A3 to A2 size. This printing is done from single colour to multiple colors through our high quality machine infrastructure owned by AFMA Print House. AFMA Print House is committed to produce high quality standard work. All work undertaken thus far has gotten its quality checked at all levels including design, final packaging and delivery. Our policy is to ensure that all work dispatched meets the highest standard as determined by the production team.